Khana Khazana Dubai


"Khana Hamara Pyar Aapka"

Passion to succeed and earn respect in the industry drive us to deliver excellent service and great taste. We do not believe in making false claims instead we offer honest advise, excellent taste and best prices. We pride ourselves on our excellent product range and efficient delivery of quality, hygienic, healthy halal poultry and meats to our customers. We assured that, you are on the satisfactory journey to mouth watering land of Khana Khazana.

Khana Khazana Dubai Khana Khazana Dubai
Khana Khazana Dubai Khana Khazana Dubai Khana Khazana Dubai

  • Dal Kachori
    Crispy,flaky shells with a delectably spicy filling of cooked and seasoned yellow moog dal,
  • Aloo Tikki(2PCS)
    Aloo tikki is a snack made of boiled potatoes and various spices.”Aloo”means potato,and the word “tikki”means a small cutlet.
  • Paapri Chaat
    Paapri Chaat is a North India fast food.chaat an Indic word which literally means lick, is used to describe a ranage of snacks.
  • Pani Puri
    Pani Puri Puchka or Gol Gappa is a spicy tangy thirst quenching food.
  • Sev Puri
    Sev Puri are small,deep-fried wheat –based crackers or bread (puri) covered with sev, a chickpea based noodle that has also been deep-fried.
  • Bhel Puri
    Bhel Puri is a savoury Indian snack,and is also a type of chaat.It is made out of puffed rice,vegetables and a tangy tamarind chatni.
  • Dahi Puri
    Dahi Puri is a popular Indian snack made of dahi and crispy puris.
  • Dahi Bhalla
    Deep fried balls of Urad dal,spiced,soaked and served in yoghurt.
  • Dahi Bhalla Puri Chat
    Enjoy the mix of Dahi Bhalla plus Paapri
  • Raj Kachori
    Raj Kachori is a spicy chaat bowl filled with delicious number of stuffings and chatni
  • Pav Bhaji
    Pav Bhaji is a hurried meal for the man in the street. This is the spicy blend of vegetables in tomoto gravy served with pav that is soaked in butter.
  • French Fries
    French-fried patatos are batons of deep-fried patato.
  • Paneer Rolls
    Paneer and mixed with peas, carrots & spices, shaped in to heart, and deep fried
  • Dal Kachori
    Crispy,flaky shells with a delectably spicy filling of cooked and seasoned yellow moog dal,
  • Momos Veg.
    A steamed puff stuffed with mix vegetables.
  • Plain Dhokla (1KG.)
    Apopular low fat , cake life steamed snack made with a fermented batter of gram flour, garnished with chillies, musterd seeds & wriander,served with chatni.
  • Sandwich Dhokla (1KG.)
    Dhokla made like a sandwich with coconut and tamato ketchup topping and mint chatni in the center.
  • Paneer Dhokla (1KG.)
    Paneer Dhokla is a variation to the popular Gujarati dish Dhokla stuffed with paneer.

  • Egg Rolls
  • Potato Rolls loaded with boiled egg
  • Momos Chicen
    A steamed puff stuffed with minced chicken.
  • Kathi Roll veg./Non Veg. Khana Khazana Spl
    Kathi Roll is a kathi kabab wrapped in a layered paratha
  • Mutton Taka Tak with Pav Khana Khazana Spl.
    This dish is specially prepared on a hot plate , cooked with green chillies, ginger, garlic chopped masala, garnished with coriander leaves

  • Dal Shorba
    A steamed puff stuffed with minced chicken.
  • Tomato Shorba
    A very light tomato soup flavored with authentic Indian spices.
  • Papad(Roasted/Fried)
  • Masala Papad
  • Mutton Taka Tak with Pav Khana Khazana Spl.
    This dish is specially prepared on a hot plate , cooked with green chillies, ginger, garlic chopped masala, garnished with coriander leaves

  • Plain Yoghurt
  • Raita of Your Choice
    A simple preparation made by adding fruits or vegetables to beaten yoghurt. Enjoy our creation in the forms of boondi /mint/cucumber/pineapple
  • Hara Bhara Salad
    The “green salad” or “garden salad”
  • Peanun Salad

  • Palak Raita
    Spinach and yoghurt make a yummy combination, tossed with fresh dates.
  • Beetroot raita with Tadka
    This beetroot creation has just two ingredients : beetroots and yoghurt, with a sizzle of mustard seeds.
  • Ash-gourd Raita with Tadka
    A healthy creation of yoghurt, ash-gourd and dates.
  • Green gram sprouts salad
    A healthy and tasty yoghurt concoction with sprouts ,purple cabbage ,tomatoes, capsicum, cucumber, carrots with olive oil and pieces of peanuts
  • Daliya Sala
    A low calorie, high fibre salad ;an excellent option for health conscious people.
  • Kadak Salad
    Great salad of fresh vegetables, a dash of oil samak and pieces pita bread

  • Vegeterian Seekh Kebab
    Mixed vegetables delicately marinated in spices and cooked to perfection.
  • Hara Bhara Kebab
    A tasty alternative for those who love kebabs but are vegetarian, It gets its name and green colour from the healthy spinach in it.
  • Vegeterian Shami kebab
    Vegetables & channa dal combined into slightly spicy kebabs and deep fried to perfection.
  • Paneer tikka kesariya
    Cottage cheese marinated with saffron and delicate spices.
  • Paneer Achari Tikka
    Cottage cheese marinated in a blend of pickles and dry spices.
  • Pudina Paneer Tikka
    Cottage cheese marinated in freshly ground pudina.
  • Tandoori Aloo
    Marinated potatoes with an amazing blend of herbs and masalas and grilled to perfection.
  • Vegeterian Pakoras
    Afavorite amongst Indian starters , crispy firtters made mixed with mixed vegetables, gram flour and carom seeds.
  • Mix Vegeterian Tandoori Sizzler
    10 Pcs of mixd Tikka &kebab

  • Tandoori Murgh Half/Full
    Chicken Marinated in a blend of yoghurt and spices.
  • Murgh Sfghani Half/Full
    Chicken marinated in a blend of creamy cashew-nut paste and delicate spices.
  • Murgh Pudina Tikka
    Chocken marinated in freshly ground pudina , cashew nut and paste and spices.
  • Ghazab Ka Murgh Tikka ( Khana Khazana Special )
    Chicken cubes marinated in a brown onion paste, nut and our specil blend of spices.
  • Jilli Milli Kebab
    Chicken cubes marinated with spices , coated with egg and cooked to perfection.
  • Murgh Achari Tikka
    Chicken cubes marinated in pickled spices.
  • Murgh Lehsooni tikka
    Chicken cubes marinated in garlic and a blend of spices.
  • Reshmi Murgh Tikka
    Chicken cubes marinated with tandoor spices, coated with egg and cooked to Perfection.
  • Murgh Kalimirch Tikka
    Chocken marinatedin black pepper and cashew-nut paste.
  • Ujala Kebab
    Chicken berasta stuffed with cheese,minced and tandoori masala
  • Tandoori Kebab
    Chicken leg pieces, marinated in yoghurt , ginger,garlic and spices.
  • Murgh Rasooli Tikka
    Chicken marinatedin yoghurt, garlic and a spiced blend of cottage cheese (paneer).
  • Murgh Tikka
    Pieces of chicken marinated in speices,cashew-muts and yoghurt and then grilled to perfection.
  • Murgh Seekh Kebab
    Minced chicken marinated with a blend of spices and grilled to perfection.
  • Gosht Boti Kebab
    Lamb cubes marinated in yoghurt and mixed spices.
  • Mutton Seekh Kebab
    Minced lamb marinated with a blend of spices and to perfection.
  • Barrah kebab
    Lamb chops marinated with our chef ‘s secret spices
  • Fish Amritsari
    Boneless fish pieces coated in our chef ‘s special red butter and cooked until crispy
  • Fish Kurkuri
    Fish fingers marinated with our special spices and deep fried until crispy.
  • Sukhi Fish
    Deep fried fish generously sprinkled with our blend of Indian spices.
  • Fish Koliwara
    Fish cubes marinated in pickled spices.
  • Fish Tikka
    Fish fillets marinated with spices and yoghurt, grilled to perfection in our tandoor.
  • Mix Tandoori Sizzler non veg.
  • Tikka & kebab

Salzion Ke Nazrane-Handi Se

  • Dal Bukhara
    Black lentils ,red beans and grams brought together in a creamy delight.
  • Dal Fry
  • Milli Julli Sabzi
    Mixed Vegetables with freshly ground dry spices and dry fruits in a thick gravy.
  • Aloo Gobhi Adrakwali
    Ginger flavored potatoes and cauliflower tossed in dry spices.
  • Achari Musroom
    Musroom in a pickled flaaverd gravy.
  • Chana Pindi
    A famous Punjabi recipe of chick peas derived from the Rawalpindi region.
  • Khumb Methi Malai
    Green peas with finely chopped femugreek leaves a thick cashew-nut and tomato gravy.
  • Sham Savera (Chef’s Speciality)
    Mixed vegetable dumplings with a cottage cheese filling in a thick tomato gravy.
  • Palak Musrooms
    Mushrooms and spinach leaves brougher in flavourfull gravy.
  • Dil Psand Malai Kofta
    Minced Cottage cheese dumplings filled with dry mixd mits in a thickngravy.
  • Rajashthani Bhindi
    Marinated Okra, deep in a mint masala.
  • Fry Baingan
    Sliced fresh eggplant deep fried and sprinkled with a special blend of Indian spices.
  • Aloo Methi
    Potatoes cooked with very aromatic fenugreek leaves.
  • Matter Methi Masala
    Green peas cooked in a creamy sauce with femugreek leaves.
  • Corn Capsicum masala
    A zesty mix of corn and capsicum tossed in spicy Indian flavours.
  • Navratan Korma
    Navratan literally means nine gems , lending its meaning to this dish of nine of different vegetables,fruits and mits .
  • Sarson ka saag
    A famous dish made from mustard leaves and spices. Derived from the Punjab region.

Salzion Ke Nazrane-Handi Se

  • Shahi Paneer
    Cttage cheese in a buttered tomato gravy.
  • Kadai Paneer
    Cottage cheese in a think tomato and femugreek gravy with chops of onion and capsicum.
  • Palak Paneer
    Cottage cheese cooked in a spinach base gravy with fresh Indian spices.
  • Paneer Birbali
    Stuffed paneer cooked in spices and served on a bed of rich navabi gravy .
  • Paneer Methi Malai (Chef’s Speciality )
    Indian cottage cheese gravy cooked with femugreek leaves in a creamy sauce.
  • Paneer Bhurji
    Hand mashed cottage cheese sautéed with onion, ginger, chili, tomato and Indian spices.
  • Paneer Matter
    Tender cubes of cottage cheese with peas, herbs and spices.
  • Paneer Kesariya (Chef’s Speciality)
    Cottage cheese marinated with selected spices.
  • Paneer Makhani Kofta
    Cottage cheese cubes in a creamy flavorfull sauce.
  • Paneer Pasanda
    Crispy stuffed cottage cheese in rich and aromatic curry.
  • Paneer Lababdar
    Silky cottage cheese cubes cooked with mawa, cashew, in a spicy tomato cream gravy.

Murgh Aur Gosht Ke Nazrane-Handi Se

  • Murgh Makhani
    Marinated chicken in a mild buttered gravy.
  • Kadai Murgh
    Chicken in a thick gravy seasoned with julienne capsicum, onions, tomatoes &coriander leaves.
  • Murgh Maithi Malai
    Chicken cooked with Indian spices sautéed with red chillies and fresh fenugreek leaves topped with thick milky layers.
  • Matkee Murgh
    A delicious stewed chicken curry served containing chicken tikka,kebab and fried egg.
  • Murgh Multai
    Chicken cubes in thick and rice cashew-mut gravy.
  • Rara Murgh
    Chicken curry with spicy minced meat ina thick seasoned gravy.
  • Murgh Patiyal
    A boneless chicken curry derived from the Patiala region
  • Tangri Kebab Masala
    Chicken drunksicks with mixed Indian masala and sizzled with lemon.
  • Murgh Handi
    Chicken curry slow cooked in a clay pot with our blend of spices.
  • Badami Murgh
    A delicious lamb curry made with an almond base.
  • Garlic Murgh saagwala
    Boneless chicken prepared with spinach and a touch of garlic and ginger.
  • Murgh tikka Masala
    Tandoori chicken cubes cooked with spices in a tomato and cream sauce.
  • Murgh Masala
    Chicken cooked in an onion gravy tossed with egg .
  • Murgh Peshwari
    Marinated chicken cooked in a red gravy and spices.
  • Mutten Rogan Josh
    Marinated lamb cooked in a gravy seasoned with freshly ground spices.
  • Gosht Achari
    Lamb in a pickle flavored spicy gravy
  • Tawa Gosht
    Pan fried lamb pieces cooked with our special blend of spices , derived from the Punjab region .
  • Rara Gosht
    Lamb cooked with spicy minced meat in a thick seasoned gravy
  • Teevarn (Chef’s Speciality)
    Lamb curry slow cooked in sindhi tradition.

Samundar Ke Khazane-Handi Se

  • Thome Waali Machi(Friday Only)
    Fish cooked in garlic ,spices and masala in sindhi tradition.
  • Tamatar Wali Machi
    Fried fish cooked in a tomato paste and spices in sindhi tradition .
  • Seial Machi
    Fish cooked in an onion masala gravy in true sindhi tradition.
  • Fish Curry
    Fish slow cooked in a light gravy with freshly ground spices.
  • Fish Malavani
    Fish cooked in a varietyof spices in true malvani style.
  • Jhinga Kadai
    Prawns cooked in a gravy of onions , capsicum and tomatoes.
  • Jhinga Kalimarchi
    Prawns stirred with black pepper and lemon.

  • Saada Chawal
  • White Steamed Rice
  • Rai Wale Chawal(Chef’s Speciality)
  • Steamed Rice with onion, turmerice and mustard seeds.
  • Pulao Vegetable
  • Rice cooked with mixed vegetables.
  • Jeera Rice
  • Cumin flavored rice


    An elaborate dish made from saffron flavoured basmati rice with pieces of lamb, chicken,prawns or vegetable & cooked together with mild Indian spices

  • Subz biryani
    A delicious vegetable Biryani
  • Murgh Biryani Dum ki
    Chicken biryani slow cooked on dum (Steaming over coals),after sealing the clay pot with a layer of dough.
  • Gosht Biryani
    Lamb biryani slow cooked on dum (Steaming over coals),after sealing the clay pot with a layer of Dough.

  • Tandoori Roti
    Whole-geian flour bread cooked in the tandoor.
  • Butter Roti
    Whole-grain flour bread cooked in the tandoori and basted with butter.
  • Plain Naan
    Plain white flour bread
  • Butter Naan
    white flour bread bastedwith butter.
  • Lahsooni Naan
    Garlic flavored white flour bread.
  • Kabuli Naan
    white flour bread stuffed with almonds, cashew-muts and raisins.
  • Laccha Parantha
    Malti-layered whole-grain brain bread.
  • Pudina Parantha
    Mint flavored whole-grain bread.
  • Pyaaz Ka Kulcha
    Thick bread stuffed with spiced onions.
  • Missi Roti(Bengal Gram)
    Chickpeas flour bread traditionally from Rajasthan.
  • Makai Ki Roti
    Thick corn flour bread.

  • Special Vegeterian Thali
    Salad + Dal + Paneer + Seasonal veg + Raita + Jeera Rice + 2Laccha Parantha + Papad + Sweet Or Ice Ceram
  • Special Non-Vegeterian Thali
    Salad +Dal + Chicken or Mutton +Seasonal veg + Raita Jeera Rice +2Laccha Parantha +Papad +Sweet or Ice Ceram.

  • Clear Soup
  • Sweet Corn Soup
  • Hot and Sour Soup
  • Manchow Soup

  • Crispy Honey Ptatoes
    Deep fried potatoes cooked in honey and a variety of sauces.
  • Crispy Vegetables In Salt And Pepper
    Fresh vegetable stirred with salt ,pepper and lemon.
  • Golden Fried Beby Corn
    Deep fried baby corn tossed with a soya garlic sauce.
  • Vegetable Spring Rolles
    Deep fried mixed vegetable wrap served with sauces.
  • Dry Chilli Paneer
    Cottage cheese cubes in chilli ginger and garlic sauce accompanied with onion and capsicums.
  • Vegetable Manchuriyan
    Deep fried vegetable balls in a soya souce based gravy.
  • Crispy Vegetable
    Crispy deep fried vegetable fritters.

Non Veg Starters

  • Drums of Heaven
    Deep fried chicken lollipops marinated in chilly paste.
  • Chicken salt and pepper
    Thinly sliced chicken breasts strips coated in cornfloure and cooked till perfection.
  • Dry Chilli Chicken
    Diced chicken stir fried with onions capsicums ,garlic ginger and green chilles.
  • Chicken Spring Rolls
    Deep fried chicken and vegetable wrap served with sauces.

  • Mixed Vegetable in Hot Garlic Souces
    Mixed vegetable deep fried and tossed in sweet and chilly garlic paste.
  • Vegeterian Manchurian
    Vegetables balls cooked in soya ,chilly and coriander sauce.
  • Chilly Paneer
    Paneer cubes cooked with onions garlic, ginger and green chillies.
  • Vegetable Saute
    Mixed vegetable stir fry tossed with pepper.

Main Caures Non Veg.

  • Black Pepper Chicken
    Chicken cooked in bleck pepper and lemon souce.
  • Shredded Chicken in Hot Garlikc Souce
    Shredded chicken cooked in sweet garlic chilly souce, garnished with spring onions.
  • Chicken Manchuriyan
    Chicken bolls cooked in soya , chilly garlic and coriander souce .
  • Chilly Chicken
    Stir fried pieces of chicken with onion , pepper, chilli, soya and garlic sauce.

  • Ginger Garlic Fried Rice
  • Fried Rice Veg.
  • Chowmein Veg.
  • Hakka Noodles Veg.
  • Chopsuey Veg.
  • Egg Fried Rice
  • Fried Rice (Chicken)
  • Chowmein (Chicken)
  • Hakka Noodles (Chicken)
  • Chopsuey(Chicken)

  • Gulaab Jaamun (2Pieces)
    Sweet balls made from milk and soaked in a rose flavoured sugar syrup.
  • Choice of Ice –Cream (2Scoops )
  • Tila Kulfi (Plain)
  • Tila Kulfi (Kesar Pista)
    A Traditional home made milk ice-cream containing a delicate blend of crushed pistachios and saffron.
  • Kulfi falooda (Plain)
  • Kulfi Falooda (Kesar)
    A Traditional home made milk ice-cream containing a delicate blend of crushed pistachios and saffron served with rice noodles and sweet syrup
  • Paan Shot(Khana Khazana Special)
    The liquid paan is named paan shot ..Instead of chewing your paan,enjoy its ingredients in a smooth drink(Ice-ceram blend with chef s special masala)

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