Khana Khazana

"Khana Hamara Pyar Aapka"
Khana Khazana" personifies fusion:
A rich blend of the traditional and the modern, of the oriental and the occidental. With fusion as the goal, Khana Khazana mixes ingredients to ensure a fresh and unique experience for the taste buds while retaining the essence that has pervaded through the age.

Khana Khazana Dubai Khana Khazana Dubai

Mughlai Zaika

Mughlai food was developed in the imperial kitchens of Mughal empire, even the kings knew the secrets to the delicate balance between flavors, spices and cooking lied in mastering the four elements of mother nature: earth, water, fire and air.

Our master – chefs strongly believe in the same principles to craft and serve you authentic imperial recipes.

Chatpati Chat

Shares a special place on our food list & also in our hearts. Chatpati Chaat recreates the magic of sweet & tangy chatpata taste that brings us to life.

Kuch Meetha

A range of special Sweets/Mithai for exchanging on the festive occasions or to generally energize our salivary temptations.